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    The main objectives of HRM support process are:-

    • It makes effective utilization of human resource to achieve organizational goals.
    • It also helps achieve social goal by creating employment opportunities and meeting social needs of employee.
    • It helps maintain adequate organizational structure. It facilitates improved working relationships among all members of the organization.
    • It creates harmony between organizational goals and the personal goals of employees.
    • It recognizes and satisfies individual needs
    • It maintains high morale of employees.
    • Continuously develops employees through training and development to improve productivity.
    • It ensures cost-effective utilization of human resource to avoid waste and promotes efficiency.

    The objectives of HRM are goal achievement, structure maintenance, goal harmony, productivity improvement and efficiency improvement. It is the utilization of human resources to achieve organizational objectives. Consequently, all managers at every level must concern themselves with human resource management. Basically, managers get things done with and through the effort of others; this requires effective human resource management.

    The major HRM functions are:-

    1. Human resource planning
    2. Recruitment and selection
    3. Induction and orientation
    4. Training and development of employees
    5. Compensation administration
    6. Performance appraisal and evaluation
    7. Safety and health rules of the organization
    8. Promotion, transfer, demotion and separation
    9. Human Resource Research
    10. Employee and labor relation, collective bargaining, employee rights and discipline, and retirement.

    The role of HRM support process owner is

     1. to coordinate members of the process

    2. to coach and mentor every expert in the process

    3. identify the gap of every expert and give training fill the gap.

    4. develop a system every expert come to be generalist in each activities.

    5. facilitate the performance of the process will be improved.

    6. prepare a plan

    7. develop a monitoring and evaluation system within a specific period of time.

    8. communicate with customers and stakeholders by representing the process.

    9. sign in every letter


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